Gameday Tailgate

2017 OSU Football Gameday Tailgate Reservations

Tailgate Package Program Available for All Football Fans

Tailgate tentReserve all the fun of gameday without the hassle! Premium football tailgate packages are now available just north of Boone Pickens Stadium. Click here to learn about our all-inclusive packages or call (405) 744-5232 for details. Hurry, space is limited!


Tailgate Program for On-Campus Groups

For the purposes of tailgate reservations, University entities are defined as: Recognized Student Organizations, Academic Departments, and Staff Departments. These University entities have the opportunity to reserve space in a guaranteed location on a game-by-game and/or recurring basis at no charge. 25'x25' plats have been designated at the Old Central Lawn and International Mall Lawn and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.Gameday tailgate logo

Recognized Student Organizations also have the option to reserve space on the lawns directly south of the Indoor Practice Facility (spaces 1-18) along Hall of Fame Avenue.

How to Reserve Space

Campus entities can request space online by logging in to the Online Event Management System with a valid O-Key account – or by visiting Meeting & Conference Services in 179 Student Union. Once the request is submitted, and if approved, a tailgate permit will be issued via an email confirmation.
Any campus entity may request space; but department heads, deans, or student organization presidents should be the signature authority for his/her organization.

tailgate flagReserve your gameday tailgate now!

Additional Information & Resources

Setup and Staging

Though your space will be reserved, no tailgates may be staged or set up on campus prior to 5:00 p.m. the Thursday before each Saturday game. Set up for a weekday game may commence after 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to gameday. All tailgating equipment should be removed from campus by noon of the day following gameday except for a weekday game when removal of equipment will need to take place following the game that evening. Tailgating items staged or placed prior to 5:00 p.m. on those days will be removed by the University and may be claimed by calling (405) 744-2844. Items not claimed may be disposed of by the University at its discretion.


Tents and similar coverings must be securely anchored. To avoid damaging underground irrigation systems and other utilities, ballasted weights with sandbags, water jugs, concreted buckets, etc. are strongly encouraged.
A 25'x25' foot plat will be held and defined by Thursday of a home gameday. Larger, commercial-type tents that cannot fit or be properly ballasted are prohibited from being used unless approved by Meeting & Conference Services and Facilities Management at least 2 weeks in advance. Authorized locators will paint colored lines designating utilities. Stakes must not be placed in those locations. The reservation permit must be available and visibly posted at the tailgate during the length of time the tent is in place. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the tent being taken down at a cost to the tailgater and potential loss of future reservation privileges. Any damage to utilities as a result of not following this policy will also be the responsibility of the tailgater.


Fires must be contained within grills or other containers designed specifically for that purpose. Extinguish charcoal fires thoroughly before leaving them unattended. Place extinguished charcoal and ashes in designated containers. Do not dump ashes, hot coals, grease, or any hazardous materials on campus grounds, near or on trees and shrubs, in trash cans, in dumpsters or into storm drains.
The heat from grilling has scalded the bark of several trees and will likely lead to their loss. This is very disappointing as many of these trees were planted years ago. Please help us preserve our trees by avoiding grilling directly under tree canopies and using extreme caution near trees. Grilling is NOT allowed on any parking decks within campus parking garages.
Any person damaging University property will be responsible for the cost of repairs, including damages from cooking grease and/or coals to grass or landscape plants, as well as irrigation lines or University facilities.
Burn ban laws do apply to tailgating at all times. Violators of these laws will be subject to prosecution.

Alcoholic Beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages is at all times subject to the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Oklahoma. Please drink responsibly. In accordance with the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Oklahoma, individuals must be at least 21-years-old to purchase, possess or consume alcoholic beverages.
Stillwater City Ordinance prohibits the possession of an open container of beer on Stillwater public property. Violators are subject to arrest and fine.

Corporate Tailgates and Solicitations

Corporate or commercially-sponsored tailgates are prohibited except in designated locations. Those who wish to organize and provide such sites should contact Cowboy Sports Properties (CSP) at (405) 744-3482. Companies may not hang company banners on tailgates unless approved through CSP. Companies are also prohibited from issuing free or sample products without being properly licensed by the University. If there are any questions please contact CSP at (405) 744-3482.
Solicitations, sales or other commercial activities are not allowed on campus. Vendor spaces are available on gameday through CSP at (405) 744-3482.


Individuals, groups, and organizations holding or participating in tailgate parties are responsible for their own conduct and are expected to respect the rights of others and the entire University community.
The Student Union and other limited buildings will be open, but there is no entry allowed into academic buildings. All building doors are locked on the weekend and should not be tampered with or forced open. Violators will be subject to legal action.
Glass bottles are discouraged due to safety concerns with risk of broken glass and the difficulty of recycling glass in our region. Aluminum cans or plastic bottles are encouraged as they are safer and easier to recycle.
The SGA Sustainability Committee will be out in the POSSE parking lots handing out trash/recycle bags, as well as collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Dispose of any trash or other tailgating items properly. Trash cans, recycle bins and bags, coal and ash disposal cans are provided for your convenience.
Animals must be leashed at all times and should not be left unattended or secured to University property. Animals are not allowed inside Boone Pickens Stadium. Please clean up after your pets while on campus.
Oklahoma State University, OSU Athletics, the OSU Student Union, the University Police Department and Parking and Transportation Services reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all parking and tailgating privileges.
Oklahoma State University is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials/ items/personal property on University property.
In case of emergency, call 911 or use the Orange Shield app on your mobile device. For non-emergencies, call the University Police at (405) 744-6524.