Theater - 203 Student Union At a Glance:

The Theater is versatile enough to host lectures, plays, movies, and musical performances. Recent renovations provide a host of audio/visual capabilities. This historic space is perfect for presentations as it is equipped with a ticket booth.

In addition to the Theater, the adjacent Lounge serves as the ideal pre-function space. It provides an intimate venue for appetizers, drinks, and casual conversation. A great location to reminisce about on-campus memories with a scenic view of the University Store and eastern side of campus.

On-Campus Entities:

Standard Room Set: Tiered Theater

Audiovisual Fee:  $45.00 per hour (not to exceed $180.00 for first 6 hours); an additional $20.00 per hour will be incurred for every hour over 6 hours. If no audiovisual is utilized, an attendant fee of $20.00 per hour applies.

Room Charges:  If you plan to charge admission to your event, then standard on-campus rates will apply.

*See space reservation rates for the Theater and a list of additional service fees and technology and equipment.

Room Capacity:

Tiered Theater for 485 (includes ADA seating)

Room Dimension = 7,200 square feet

Meeting Space Amenities:

  • Projectors & Screens
  • House Sound
  • Custom Lighting
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired Microphones
  • Laptop
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD
  • Slide Advancer/Pointer
  • Wireless Internet/Ethernet
  • Podium
  • Event Technician

Common Event Types