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Oklahoma State University

Meeting & Conference Services Job Openings

Event Specialist (Full-Time Position)
Serve as an inbound customer request contact (on the phone and in person) with a focus on selling and marketing the Student Union space for catering and meetings including conferences, banquets, receptions and other social functions.

To apply, send resume to

Wes Watkins Set Up Crew (Student Position)
The main responsibilities of this job is to:

  • Work with other students and staff to set up and breakdown events within the Wes Watkins Center.
  • Work under the building manager during out of business hours to ensure successful events.
  • Provide excellent customer services by assisting guests during events.
  • Assist Meeting and Conference Services full-time staff as needed.

Essential Knowledge, skill and/or abilities:

  • Must be highly dependable, and available to work evenings and weekends.
  • Work effectively as a team member.
  • Possess excellent customer service and communication skills with the ability to interact professionally with all guests.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift and move objects for the duration of the shift.

Apply for Wes Watkins Set Up Crew

Student Office Assistant (Student Position)
Serve as an inbound customer request contact (on the phone and in-person) with a focus on basic office tasks for Meeting &^ Conference Services/Catering with a focus on booking Student Union space for catering and meetings including conferences, banquets, receptions and other social functions.

Apply for Student Office Assistant

Event Service Representative (Student Position)
This position, under the Lead ESR Student Union Building Managers, aids in the supporting and executing of events within the Student Union Ballroom, Starlight, Theater and various other locations.  It is responsible for the execution of technical services for special events and shows within the guidelines of our client’s needs and Student Union policies.  It sets up sound systems, video projection devices, and other related sound, lighting, and image delivery systems for Student Union events.    

In addition to having a technological background, the ESR must be exemplary regarding customer service.  A positive and proactive attitude toward clients must be demonstrated before, during, and following the events that the ESR is working.  The ESR will review and reply to the Lead ESR’s briefing email regarding upcoming events with questions or concerns that may affect the event’s performance.  During the events, the ESR will follow-up with the customers on site to adjust for any changes that may have happened following the tech’s briefing email.  Following each event, the ESR will fill out and email a detailed report about the event to the Lead ESR and Building Managers.  In addition, the ESR is responsible for proper care, maintenance and storage of all MCS tech equipment for each shift. He/she must be able to adapt to a fast-paced environment and meet its various needs, demands and changes.

Apply to be an Event Service Representative

Meeting & Conference Services Setup Crew (Student Position)
The Student Union is home to over five hundred student organizations, as well as a host of external clients in need of meeting spaces.  Meeting and Conference Services (MCS) caters to the setup and execution of student and external events within the Student Union.  A setup crew member's primary goal includes setting the meeting rooms to the customer’s specifications effectively and professionally.  Though setup crew has minimal direct interaction with the guests themselves, they provide customer service through attention to detail and delivering consistent results.  The setup crew will report to the building manager on duty, who will help coordinate room setups and assist when possible.

In addition, the setup crew maintains the facilities and storage spaces.  All of our tables, chairs, audio and visual equipment are kept in closets that setup crew is responsible for maintaining.  Each night the setup crew should check storage closets to assure that any unused equipment or furniture is properly stored. When moving equipment or furniture into or out of a room, it should be handled with care to avoid any damages.  Additionally, setup crew will straighten the Atrium, Plaza, Campus Life and other lounge areas within the Union to look presentable for the next day.

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