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Oklahoma State University

North Plaza - Student Union

North Plaza

The Building on Tradition Renovation of the Student Union created several new spaces including the North Plaza. Chi-O Clock stands as tall as ever in this transformed space between the Student Union and the Classroom Building. Already a highly desired location for major University announcements and popular events for students and families, like Summer on the Plaza, this outdoor space includes patio-style furniture, an amphitheatre, and a fantastic view of Library Lawn.

The contemporary design honors the former façade on the east side of the building before the Student Services Center was built. A great venue for a movie night under the stars, concert for your fraternity and sorority sisters to sing along to, or any number of other special events.

Room Charges:  If you plan to charge admission to your event, then standard on-campus rates will apply.

*Additional fees may apply for room sets requested other than the standard listed above. See space reservation rates for the Ballroom and a list of additional service fees and technology and equipment.

Capacities may vary depending on your event needs. Please contact us to create a custom room diagram for your event!

Plaza Capacity: 500 People 

Amphitheatre Capacity: 180 People 

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North Plaza

North Plaza